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Campaign Controls? - October Unit II

In the Fall of 1968 we discussed Campaign Financing and reached the following Consensus:

Contributions as well as expenditures should be covered by the law. Disclosure should be made before election with a cut-off date for receipt of contributions before elections. The law should define contributions. Most units taking part in our discussions supported the National Municipal League's Model Law and/or the Florida Law in so far as the method of setting up these controls.

All units agreed there should be no ceiling on contributions, and units did not favor a direct form of campaign subsidy but various other alternatives were suggested.

Since 1968 our Legislature has passed a change in our law requiring disclosure of contributors (donating $500 or more - or an aggregate of this amount But statements are still filed 20 days after elections.

Now is the time for us to discuss our position again. In January when the Legislature convenes the Senate will be discussing HB-251 passed by the House last year which requires filing of a preliminary report (contributors and expenses)

10 days before elections; requires funds given to a' candidate be spent only., in behalf of that candidate; and requires setting up special rules for testimonial dinners.

In addition to this bill various legislators have said publically "they will present a bill including some type of limitation on campaign spending."

In order to do a League-like job we all ought to do some reading of various methods •

of controls, and some rethinking of where we stand. Your Study Committee has

prepared a Facts & Issues. We will review our consensus at the last units in October. The consensus questions will appear in the next State Voter.

In the meantime you may want to read one of the following articles:


- 1/16/71 - Politics for Rich & Poor

- 2/20/71 - Reply to the above article


- 4/12/71 - Tax Subsidy for Political Candidates?

- 4/26/71 - Can Congress Really Control Election Spending?


- 5/17/71 - Campaign Costs - Floor Not Ceiling

You will find these in most of the Hawaii State Library file rooms. They can be borrowed and taken home to read.

Another article you might enjoy reading is the Committee for Economic Development's booklet (Dec. '68) entitled Financing a Better Election System. It is excellent and easy reading!

Just for fun try reading DIRTY POLITICS a book written by Bruce L. Felknor former executive director of the Committee for Fair Campaign Practices and now assistant to William Benton, chairman of Encyclopedia Britannica.

Don't let our League-Decision-Making down. Come to the last units in October prepared to take a big part in deciding what we will do at the legislature early next year

Alice Scott
Nan Lowers
State Study Committee Campaign Practices and Financing

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