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"The DOE & the Dollar" - School Units November I

In the fall of 1970 League members reached consensus that:

..... Education is a unique function of government and therefore:

..... Voters should elect people charged with the specific responsibility of guiding education.

..... There should be a State Board as a strong, independent advocate of education.

..... The State Superintendent of Education should be selected by a State Board of Education and should be the administrator of the State System.

..... The State Constitution should specify HOW State Board of Education members are to be selected, WHO will select the State Superintendent of Education, and DEFINE the Superintendent's working relationship with the Board.

November school units will center on the "power of the purse" in our educational system, The attached resource paper on "THE DOE & THE DOLLAR" should be read prior to the meeting and should be brought to the units. It will also be helpful for discussion purposes if you will read and bring to units the attached "Glossary".

Consensus questions to be considered are:

  1. The State General Fund is major source of school financing for the statewide K12 school system.

    a. Should this method be retained?

    b. If not, what other method would you support?

  2. Should the State Board of Education have some defined fiscal power?

    "yes" by

    1. Authority to raise money by taxation
    2. Having final approval of priorities

    3. Receiving lump sum appropriations

    4. Other


  3. Should local School Districts be permitted to raise funds to supplement State allocations?

  4. What should be the role of the following in determining the DOE budget?

    1. Governor (through administrative office of Budget and Finance

    2. Legislature

    3. State Board of Education

    4. Dept. of Education staff

    5. Combination of any of these working together

    6. Others

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