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Voter Service Update Student Registration

How do I register to vote? What qualifications are necessary? What is expected of me as a voter?

These and many more questions are on the minds of the students that will be eligible to vote in our Countries elections for the first time.

Our Honolulu League under the chairmanship of Sharon Yokote has undertaken the project of registering and assisting new voters in Oahu's high schools.

The students were informed of the program by announcements in social studies classes, the school morning bulletin and the school newspaper. Those students interested in serving as program planners volunteered through their advisors and principals and were invited to attend an information meeting set up for area schools. At this meeting some history about the 18 year vote was presented and the impact of the students vote was explained. The student responsibilities were set out as the formation of a working team, the selection of a team leader, publicity to inform the balance of qualified students, and the actual school physical set up on registration day.

Also suggested were means of publicity such as banners, use of articles in the school paper, bulletins and rap sessions with representatives to inform students as to the position of those elected to serve them. .(This would also serve to inform the representatives concerning the students thinking.)

A student team would be responsible to train other students as assistants for registration day and to set up the physical plant so that the registration process would run smoothly. Suggested was a three station plan that included A filling out of application, B assignment of district, precinct and polling place, C signing of affidavit. Only station C was to be manned by deputized registrar who was to also serve as an advisor or "answer man".

Basically the students "do their own thing" and learn by doing.

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