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On December 19th at 7:30 pm a show will be held at McKinley High School designed to entertain the blind and handicapped. If you would like to attend this two hour show or if you would like to sponsor a child's attendance call Mrs. Fisher at 923-0626 between 11:30 and 1:00. The tickets are tax deductible and can be distributed in your name.

Money from these ticket will be placed in a scholarship fund to relieve the economic plight of these handicapped children. Tickets are $1.00 each can be purchased in blocks of 10. Checks are made payable to; Hawaii Federation of the Blind.


If so NOW, is the time to learn effective ways to work through our legislature, Come to a Workshop on Lobbying and find out about

  1. How our legislature runs its business.

  2. Where you can watch progress on proposed bills.
  3. Ways you can use to get your ideas to the proper committees.

  4. Where to try and get public support -- when and how to use it.

The League needs you. You can use our "know-how" for your own special interest,

Watch for details in the January VOTER. In the meantime keep January 19th -- Workshop Day and January 21st -- Capitol Tour Day (including attending a Committee Hearing)!


The Board wishes to thank the members who responded through the unit announcement and who gave time to aid in the Clean-Up Campaign. The makai side of Diamond Head is a bit cleaner thanks to the helping hands of League members, a husband or two and many children,

We worked side by side with members of several other organizations. I am sure that we were all amazed at the amount of material collected,


The question of joining allied organizations was posed. The state guidelines state that each board is to set its own policy concerning this question. The Board concurs that this year we will cooperate but not pay dues to other organizations.


Your Board asked a reading committee consisting of Edie Idler, Rhoda Miller and Betsy Tan to review the materials collected for a "Know your City-County Booklet". Upon receipt of the committees report the Board accepted its recommendations as follows:

  1. Feasibility study on use of booklet, means of payment for booklet and depth of study required.

  2. Publishing of booklet be delayed until after the charter review is completed, that a permanent reading committee be established and possible cooperation with county government in areas of research and finance.

  3. Organization of materials under a definite plan.

  4. Use of available material by Voter Service in the Spring '72.


It's wonderful to have good news to report; Contributions to the finance drive from members have been pouring in and have now exceeded $500. This is really tremendous and is so greatly needed and appreciated. a BIG MAHALO to all those who helped;

Also a BIG MAHALO to all the gals who participated in the door to door campaign. They made a great effort and introduced the League to many new friends and supporters.

This past fall the LWV was active on two fronts prior to the special election in the 4th Senatorial District to fill the late Senator Kuriyama's seat.

Just before the primary the Leeward Press published a Voters Guide containing all candidates' answers to 3 questions formulated and sent to them by the League. Included in the article was an excellent statement about the purpose and procedures of the League. We extend our very sincere thanks to Mr. Abe Poepoe, Editor of the Press, and his colleague Mr. Chip Wright for their help and cooperation.

A candidates' meeting, jointly sponsored by the League and the Business and Professional Women of Waianae, was the second voter education project. All but one of the 12 candidates appeared to answer predetermined questions and also to respond to questions from the audience. Both of these activities were "firsts" for the Leeward area and the League may feel justifiably proud for taking the lead.

Our special thanks go to Vida Delaney of the Leeward unit. She was in charge of both projects and did a commendable job at organizing and carrying them out.


Roster update and corrections are to be found on the last page of this VOTER and should be detached and them added to your membership roster to keep it current.

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