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LWV of Honolulu: Program 1971-72


PLANNING: Study of the planning process at the county level: procedures and results.

CHARTER: Support of a good charter for the City and County of Honolulu. Criteria include a strong mayor/council form of government; relatively equal mix of at-large and district representation, consisting of 9 to 11 members serving on a four year part-time basis.

DIAMOND HEAD - Support of minimum development of the Diamond Head area with the residential area on the makai side of Diamond Head Road eventually converted to part use.

CITY AND COUNTY JAIL - Support of measures to insure a jail which meets the standards of a modern correctional institution and will provide adequate security, segregation, and rehabilitation.


LAND USE IN HAWAII - A study with particular reference to the State Land Use Commission; its functions and powers; its decision making and how these decisions affect state county planning, land: values and taxation; relationship with the State Departments of Planning and Economic Development and Land and Natural Resources.

KNOW YOUR SCHOOLS - A continued study of public schools in Hawaii (including finance and other areas as determined by the committee). Continued support of directly elected board(s) at some level of government which is (are) responsible for directing education in Hawaii.

CAMPAIGN PRACTICES AND FINANCING - Support of full disclosure laws of campaign contributors and expenditures before elections. Continued study and consensus In other phases of campaign practices and financing.

ETHICS - Support of a State Code of Ethics administered by a Board of Ethics covering all elected and appointed state officials. Support of a code consisting of broad principles designed to protect and inform the public and the public servant and to provide fair and equal treatment to all.

ELECTION LAWS - Support of specific provisions which promote voter participation: 18-year-old vote, closed primary, etc.


U.S. CONGRESS - An evaluation of congressional structures, procedures and practices and their effect on responsive legislative processes.


Evaluation of measures to achieve and maintain a physical environment beneficial to life, with emphasis on the relationship of population growth and distribution.

Support of national policies and procedures which promote comprehensive long-range planning for conservation and development of water resources and improvement of water quality.

Support of air quality standards, the responsibility to be shared by all levels of government, with the public participating in decisions on all phases of air pollution control,


Support of equal opportunity in education, employment -and housing. Evaluation of further measures to combat poverty and, discrimination.

Belief that the Federal government bears the major responsibility for providing income assistance to meet the basic needs of all persons unable to work. Administrative offices should be close to the people participating in the program.

FOREIGN POLICY - Support of U.S. policies to

promote development efforts which focus on human needs and which emphasize cooperation between the developed and developing countries.

promote world trade while maintaining a sound U.S. economy.

relax tensions and normalize relations with the People's Republic of China and facilitate mainland China's participation in the world community.

strengthen the peacekeeping and peace-building capacities of the U.S. system.


Election of tie President: support of the national direct popular vote method to elect the President and Vice-President of the U.S.

District of Columbia: Support of self-government and representation in Congress for citizens of the District of Columbia.

Apportionment: support of apportionment of both houses of state legislatures substantially on population.

Voting Rights: action to protect the right to vote of every citizen.

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