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General Meeting - "The Problems of Renting in Hawaii"
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Congress Study II
Second Chance (Susan Martin)
Background Information Planning Study #1 (Diane Hastert)
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Membership Memo (Fran Burgess)
Convention 1972
Who Votes in Hawaii
Highlights of the 26th General Assembly Session of the UN
Eight Member LWV Delegation to Japan
Bills of Major Interest to the League: 1971 and 1972
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A new wrinkle for our annual meeting this year, an evening meeting Thursday, March 23rd at 7:30 pm.

Agenda will include discussion and passage of our loaal program for 1972-73, budget and election of officers.

Please note

LAND USE FACTS AND ISSUES are attached to this Voter.

Are you interested in getting close to the action now that the legislature has opened? Some of you may like to call your representatives and see if they are interested in a volunteer for clerical jobs. Give it a whirl!

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