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Bills of Major Interest to the League: 1971 and 1972


FEDERAL WATER POLLUTION CONTROL PROGRAM: S 2770, authorizes $14 billion for federal grants for waste treatment facility construction through FY 1975 and sets "no discharge" of Pollutants as national goal. Passed the Senate on Nov. 2. HR 11896, authorizing 420 billion for waste treatment facility construction, was ordered reported by the House Public Works Committee on December 16.

POWER-PLANT SITING: HR 5277, establishing power plant siting regulations, has not been reported by the House Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee although hearings hove beer, held. There has been no action on the Senate bill, S 1684.

OCEAN DUMPING: ER 4247, regulating the dumping of wastes into the ocean, passed the House on September 9. The Senate passed HR 4247 on November 24. Conference Committee action is pending.

COASTAL ZONE MANAGEMENT: S 582, establishing a national program for the management, use, protection, and development of coastal and estuarine zones, was reported by the Senate Commerce Committee on December 1. Hearings have boon, hold on HR 9227 but there, has been no House action.


FOREIGN ASSISTANCE: S 2819, reauthorizing foreign economic and military assistance, passed the Senate December 17. House vote is planned before February 22, expiration date of the Continuing Resolution. under which funding is now provided. House and Senate foreign affairs committees both may review programs with view to complete reorganization. HR 12067, foreign assistance appropriations bill, passed House December 15; Senate action scheduled week of January 18, 1972.

INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT B4.1 T3: Bills authorizing continued U.S. contributions to Special Funds for the Asian Development Bank (S 749), the Inter-American Development Bank Fund for Special Operations (3 748), and the International Development association -- soft loan window of the World Bank -- (S 2010), have passed the Senate and arc ready for reporting in mended form by the House Banking and Currency Committee. House action not scheduled yet

TRADE: Rep. James Burke (D-Mass.) and Sen. Vance Hartke (D-Ind.) have introduced the Foreign Trade and Investment Act of 1972 -- HR 10914 and S 2-592. Hearings in House Ways and Means 1.1c3 Senate Finance Committees arc not yet scheduled.


CIVIL RIGHTS COMMISSION: PL 92-64 (HR 7271) increases the authorized appropriation to $4 million for FY 1972 and until January 31, 1973, Reauthorization_ legislation in 1972 will be necessary to prevent expiration of the Commission.

COMPREHENSIVE CHILD DEVELOPMENT: S 2007 (compromise provisions of S 212 and HR 6748) was passed by House and Senate, vetoed by President Nixon, and the veto sustained by the Senate December 10, 1971. New legislation predicted early. FEB. 1972

EMERGENCY EDUCATION AID AND QUALITY INTEGRATED EDUCATION ACT: S 659 authorizes W1.5 billion between enactment and Juno 30, 1973. S 1557 passed Senate April 26; HR 2266 passed House November, with objectionable anti-busing, anti-desegregation amendments. Was added to Higher Education Act -- S 659. Rather than go to conference, the Senate returned S 659 to its Labor and Public Welfare Committee instructing addition of desegregation assistance and Indian education bills.

EMERGENCY EMPLOYMENT ACT: PL 92-54 (S 31) authorizes 2-year public service employment programs in high rate unemployment areas at billion beginning July 1, 1971. After passage, 550 million was set aside for public service job welfare Demonstration Programs for AFDC .recipients in five states.

EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES ACT: HR 1746 passed House September 16. Early Senate action is expected on 3 2515, to which several anti-busing and 'freedom-of-choice' school amendments have been proposed. Filibuster-typo activities are predicted and opponents of EEOC have used the Senate failure to act in 1971 to marshal opposition. LWVUS supports S 2515 as better than HR 1746.

OFFICE OF ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY: Two-year extension in 3 2007 was vetoed. New bill - 3 3010 (by Nelson and Javits) and HR 12266 (by Perkins) - introduced in late December, would extend CEO for two years, expand Head Start day care programs, and establish Legal Services Corporation.

WELFARE REFORM: House passed HR 1 June 22; Senate Finance Committee hearings expected in late January or early February. LWV supports Ribicoff amendment #559 to HR 1.


D.C. HOME RULE: S 2652, providing a mayor-city council form of self-government for the District of Columbia passed Senate October 10. A similar bill HR 9499, has not been acted on in the House.

D.C. REPRESENTATION: HJ Res 253, a constitutional amendment giving D.C. full voting representation in Congress, has had hearings but has not been reported by the House Judiciary Committee.

NATIONAL VOTER REGISTRATION: S 2574, establishing a national system for registering to vote by returning a postcard form, was reported by the Senate Post Office and Civil Service Committee November 9. There has been no action in the House.

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