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General Meeting - "The Problems of Renting in Hawaii"
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Congress Study II
Second Chance (Susan Martin)
Background Information Planning Study #1 (Diane Hastert)
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Membership Memo (Fran Burgess)
Convention 1972
Who Votes in Hawaii
Highlights of the 26th General Assembly Session of the UN
Eight Member LWV Delegation to Japan
Bills of Major Interest to the League: 1971 and 1972
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Congress Study II

The following questions will be discussed at the unit meeting February 8 through 10 in helping us reach consensus on the Congress Study:

  1. List any revisions in the list of criteria which was agreed upon during the last meeting. If there are none, please write a statement that there were no changes.

  2. If you see need for improvement in House and Senate structures, procedures and practices, what specific changes would you recommend? Relating the criteria chosen above, consider the following aspects of the legislative process in your replies:

    1. Decision-making procedures (e.g., availability of information; staffing; decentralization vs. centralization)

    2. Use of congressional time (e.g., congressional workload; electronic voting; scheduling)

    3. Access of public to congressional actions and decisions (e.g. Congressional Record; executive sessions and open meetings; open voting on leaders)

  3. Do you think Congress needs new or improved mechanisms for determining priorities to make the legislative process more responsive to national needs? If so, what mechanisms might be developed?
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