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General Meeting - "The Problems of Renting in Hawaii"
February Calendar
Congress Study II
Second Chance (Susan Martin)
Background Information Planning Study #1 (Diane Hastert)
Community Announcements
Membership Memo (Fran Burgess)
Convention 1972
Who Votes in Hawaii
Highlights of the 26th General Assembly Session of the UN
Eight Member LWV Delegation to Japan
Bills of Major Interest to the League: 1971 and 1972
League Action Service

League Action Service

Again this year the League of Women Voters invites you to subscribe to the LEAGUE ACTION SERVICE. This service gives you your own personal copy of the TIME FOR ACTION and REPORT FROM THE HILL so that you can be up to the minute about what's happening on Capitol Hill, vis-a-vis League program. Much individual action on issues such as CEO, day care, Legal Services, housing, busing, the school lunch program, D.C. Home Rule, coastal zone management, water pollution, the textile quota, foreign assistance, to name a few, has resulted from REPORT FROM THE HILL news. F. 1972

While the REPORT FROM THE HILL covers a broader scope of issues, TIME FOR ACTION zeros in on top priority items when action is advisable or imperative, often including a background sheet giving a detailed explanation of the situation, bill, vote, strategy, etc. Welfare - from HR 1 to Senator Ribicoff's amendments, China, the UN, foreign assistance, and water pollution control legislation have been frequent subjects of TIME FOR ACTION in this session and, even better, have been targets of the resulting ACTION!

For only $6.00 you will receive these two publications throughout the second session of the Ninety-second Congress plus a comprehensive wrap-up of the first session. Each local League unit should have access to at least one subscription. ACT NOW. Prepare yourself and your League to be "in the know" on national legislative issues as they develop next year.

Send your check to League of Women Voters of the United States 1730 M. Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20036

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