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A Second Chance

Our thanks to all of you who participated in the January round of units on national and local program planning. The Honolulu Board has attempted to digest and evaluate the programs proposed by each unit and has come up with the following program proposals.


We recommend the following with regard to our current national program items:

  1. Continue all aspects of the Congress Study through consensus in February.

  2. Change the emphasis of the study of environmental quality to focus on the population problem. The study of population would include the study of population growth, distribution, and public policy.

  3. Continue the study of human resources but concentrate on welfare. Our local League members are also particularly interested in the problems of housing.

  4. Continue all of the foreign policy support positions but expand the study item to include examining how foreign policy decisions are made, who makes them, and the system of priorities in decision-making. Expand the study of China to include the problem of the independence of Taiwan.

  5. Continue all of our support positions in the area of representative government.

In addition, we recommend that the League add the following new national study items:

  1. The study of individual liberties focusing on the problems of the balance between individual rights and the requirements of a modern mass society.

  2. The study of the administration of justice in the United States including our court system and correctional system.


We recommend the following action with regard to our current local study items:

  1. Modify the study of planning to concentrate on the following questions:

    1. How does the division of planning authority between the county and state agencies affect the efficiency of the planning process?

    2. Is the division of planning authority in the county efficient, and should the agencies directly involved in planning be expanded?

    3. How might the planning process in the county be completely restructured to accommodate new issues?

    4. How is the Capitol Budget developed and evaluated?

    5. What is the history of the current Master Plan?

    6. How does the General Plan Revision Plan work and in what ways might this plan be revised to be more effective?

  2. Continue our present support positions on the Charter.

  3. Expand the Diamond Head Study to broaden the scope of the study to include' areas not covered in our current consensus position and look toward enlarging our position to make it more current.

  4. Drop our support position on the city and county jail. After an extended examination of unit response on this study area and much discussion the Board voted to drop this item on the basis that it was no longer relevant.

In addition to the consideration of current program items, the Board discussed Possible new local study items. From the unit reports there would appear to be considerable member interest in studying our local transportation network including mass transit, our highway system, and bikeways. Members were divided on whether they wanted a separate, new study item or wanted it included as part of the planning study but on the strong recommendation of the Planning Study chairman who felt that it was too large an item for her committee to undertake in addition to the present committee focus the Board agreed that if transportation is to be taken up as a new study it will be as a separate study item. The Board has asked the Planning Study chairman, Diane Hastert to draft a proposal for a new study item on our local transportation system. The Board is also asking all members to take another look at this as a possible study item and to call Diane Hastert (Phone 373-1124) during the first two weeks of February if they would like a second chance to express their views on transportation as a possible League study item.

The full local League program will also be a major item on the agenda of the Annual Meeting of our Honolulu League. Members will he asked to approve the final program at this time.

Susan Martin

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