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Land Use Units in March

Last June the State League adopted a new program item dealing with land use:

A STUDY OF LAND USE IN HAWAII with particular reference to the State Land Use Commission; its functions and powers; its decision making and how these decisions affect State and county planning, land values and taxation; relationship with the State Departments of Planning and Economic Development and Land and Natural Resources.

We will plunge into our study at the units, March 8, 9 and 14. Our emphasis in these meetings will be on how government regulates land uses in Hawaii, the relative powers of the State and county governments in this area, and the link between land use and planning. It is most important that League members understand this basic material. Please come prepared

Read Facts & Issues: Hawaii's Land Use Law - came with Feb. Aloha Voter

Articles relating to land use have also appeared in;

Leo Hana (State Voter)'- October. "What's Happening in Land Use"

Leo Hana - February "Land Uses in Hawaii"

Aloha Voter - March (this issue) "Who Owns Hawaii's Lands"

Bring your questions and concerns about what is happening to our land and why, and let's get to work.

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