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Local Program Making

The Board of the League of Women Voters of Honolulu recommends adoption of the following program at the annual meeting:

  1. Planning

    A. Study of Honolulu Planning specifically:

    1. How does the division of planning authority between the county and state agencies affect the efficiency of the planning process?

    2. Is the division of planning authority in the county efficient, and should the agencies directly involved in planning be expanded?

    3. How might the planning process in the county be completely restructured to accommodate new issues?

    4. How is the Capital Budget developed and evaluated?

    5. That is the history of the current Master Plan?

    6. How does the General. Revision Plan work and in what ways might this plan be revised to be more effective?

  2. Charter

    Support of a good charter for the City and County of Honolulu. Criteria include: a strong mayor/council form of government; relatively equal mix of at-large and district representation consisting of 9-11 members serving on a four year part-time basis.

  3. Diamond Head

    The LWV of Honolulu supports the preservation of Diamond Head as a historical, cultural, and scenic site, with minimum development of the Diamond Head area, and with the residential area on the makai side of Diamond Head Road eventually converted to park use.

The above program items are essentially continued program items although, there has been a rewording of the planning study on the advice of the Planning Study chairman and there has been a rephrasing of the Diamond Head Support position which brings it more closely in line with the 1967 consensus on this issue. There is no change on the wording of the Charter position.

Non-Recommended Items

Many ether excellent program items have been put forth by League members for inclusion in the 1972-73 local program. However, after careful consideration of the total scope of our local League including our Voters' Service program, the woman power available, and the national criteria for selecting program the Board has decided to recommend that the Honolulu League drop on support position and add no new study items. The non-recommended program items are:

  1. City and County Jail

    Support of measures to insure a jail which meets the standards of a modern correctional institution and will provide adequate security, segregation, and rehabilitation. (The Board thought that this support position was outdated and did not continue to have leverage.)

  2. Transportation System

    It was suggested that this study item include a study of mass transit, highways, and bikeways, i.e. our transportation network as a whole and should focus on transportation as part of our total urban process, including our planning process.

  3. A Study of City Revenues

  4. A Study of the Problem of Gap Housing Needs.

  5. A Study of Recreational Activities and Facilities in the County.

  6. A Study of Day Care Programs and seeds.

At our annual meeting in March, the recommended items on our proposed local program must be voted-on and approved by our membership. At this time, members should be prepared to express their thoughts on our local program and may modify the Board recommended program. Subjects not recommended by the Board may also be considered by members at our annual meeting. Members who wish to bring up for consideration any of the non-recommended items listed above for consideration by the annual meeting should contact Claudia Patil, Vice-President before the date of the annual meeting. The specific procedure which must be followed is:

  1. Only the above non-recommended items can be brought forth for consideration although the wording should be specific. That is, the wording of the item should be carefully considered and be precise as to what the study would involve.

  2. The annual meeting shall order consideration by a majority vote.

  3. The annual meeting shall adopt the item by a two-thirds irate.

In addition, at the annual meeting members may amend any issue being considered provided that the intent is not changed or the scope enlarged. This can be done during the consideration of the program items at the meeting.

The Board hopes that every member will carefully consider the proposed local program and will take an active part in the discussion of our program at the meeting. The local League program should be an accurate reflection of the interest and commitment of League members to problems of local concern.

In selecting our local program, it is important to remember the League criteria for selecting program which are that the issue must be one on which governmental action is needed and it must fall within the principles of the League of Women Voters. However, there are many important issues which meet these criteria which we cannot undertake as part of our program because of the limitations on our own resources of womanpower. How do we make these hard, choices? Perhaps the following questions from our National Board will be useful in your thinking of our own local program:

  1. Does the issue involve current need; is the issue of current interest or one on which community interest could be and needs to be developed?

  2. Is effective citizen action foreseeable?

  3. Is the issue important enough to inspire League interest and commitment?

  4. Does the issue "fit" as Part of a whole workable program - local, state, and national?

  5. Is the problem one which our local government can solve?

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