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From Our President

THE SECOND CALL TO CONVENTION has gone out from the State Board. If you have not received a call from your unit leader and wish to be considered as a delegate please contact Dorothy Turnbull (734-8371). Also needed are alternates. It should be a valuable experience for you as well as for the League. A workbook will be one of the sources of information provided for you.

Since our Annual meeting comes first you will have had a chance to become familiar with the proposed budget changes for all levels of League. Money is always important in an organization's operation and ability to achieve goals so attend this meeting on

March 23rd and add to your League knowledge an well as prepare for the State Convention. some of you might like to play host for a neighbor Island delegate. Call Grace Bowers (373-2361) or Mary Bankston (395-9732) if you can help.

ON FEBRUARY 4th Jane Hewitt spoke for the League before the Charter Review Commission. Please note her testimony printed elsewhere in the VOTER. Refer to your June VOTER for the League's consensus.

Routinely the Commission has asked those who have testified to help provide the language for incorporation in the Charter. If this challenge were offered to us who would like to come forth and review our material? This might be a way of being constructive toward the Charter we have watched over for so long.

SYNOPSIS OF TEE NATION BOARD REPORT, (The report was from the December meeting but what with the shipping strike or what have you it arrived late in January).

Part of the National Convention discussion will be on a proposed By-law change which will allow the dues to be no less than $15 per year. The recommendation is for local Leagues to allocate $7 to local use, $4 to State and $4 to National. This coupled with the pledge system allows for equal support for equal services, and pledges on the to pay. A charge at the National means a change at State and Local levels for both By-laws and Budgets. Since the cart must come before the horse, motions will be made at the appropriate meetings to pass these changes contingent on the changes made at the National Convention. Your delegates to the National Convention will have a hand in accepting or defeating this proposal. See you on the 23rd?

Under the Environmental Quality program the local Leagues will be authorized to take a local consensus on solid waste if they choose. How many of you are interested in this? Call the office and leave your name.

Welfare continues to be followed closely by National. Governor Burns has supported the Ribicoff Amendments to HR1. league concern is with assistance for PEOPLE. Water pollution control is urged as appropriate bills come before Congress.

The Board has underscored the priority of foreign policy questions and of trade and their bearing on the U. S. economy.

National also has been reviewing the political policy but concludes with the statement that each board has the responsibility to make the decision on terns of its own community.

Discussion at the Convention will have to do with the equal rights for women stance of the League.

These reports are in the back of the file drawer under "National" if you wish to read the entire report, or any of the previous ones.


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