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National Updates

Report from the Hill demonstrates the continued work felting on in the pursuit for clean water. Industry, the Administration and several state governments are active in limiting the restrictions previously set. The LWVUS has joined with other organizations in an attempt to halt this weakening of current legislation. Support for the Dingell-Reuss Clean dater Package will build.

Mrs. Henson has testified on the anti-busing constitutional amendments - "Whether or not their position is made clear, it is integration opponents who have jumped on the busing issue and are using it as a vehicle for their own purposes It is the League's contention that the proposed constitutional amendments offer only a non-solution to a very real educational problem: The real question is do we become mired in the busing issue or do we direct all our energies toward providing the education our children deserve? To act favorable on H.J. Res. 620 or similar amendments could only imply withdrawal of Congressional support, under emotional pressure, for efforts undertaken already to integrate our schools,"

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