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Congressional Reform Position

National announced a new position in favor of extensive Congressional reform based-on conclusions drawn from an 18-month study of the structure, procedures and practices of both houses of Congress. The changes which the League will support include:

Modifying the seniority system, particularly by limiting the years a committee chairman may serve.

Giving committee members more control over committee operations.

Reviewing the total committee system in terms of current needs.

Greater coordination of the budget and appropriations processes and the development of priority setting mechanisms.

Increasing professional staff available to Congressmen and committees and improving sources and flow of information.

Changing the cloture rule so that a three-fifths vote could cut off debate. Requiring open hearings and committee meetings to the fullest extent possible.

League President Lucy Wilson Benson commented: The League's position on Congressional reform can be summed up in two words; greater responsiveness. This year millions of American will vote for the men and women they want to represent them in Congress. The fact of the matter is that without change and reform their vote-will be diluted by the roadblocks and anachronisms which now limit the ability of Congress and Congressmen to function efficiently and effectively."

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