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Dee's Notebook

As you read this your delegates will be attending the National Convention in Atlanta,

We will be reporting to the board and to you in the next Voter on the bylaws, financial and program decisions made there.

We know that discussion on the proposed financial plan will be lively. Our appreciation to you members who have offered us your opinions on this matter. The direction given at our annual meeting was to see if the bylaws proposal could be changed to eliminate the amount of dues and allow each local league to set their own dues, while paying a possible $4.00 per member to the LWVUS. Of course much was said about the timing of this whole plan! We will try!

Previous to this the board had roe amended that April and hay billings be postponed until after convention. When the reminders arrive people please pay promptly! The cash must flow for the work to proceed.

The state convention and the accompanying luncheons and dinner have passed. The board wishes to express appreciation to the delegates for our League. Comments and critique by both delegates and visitors will be accepted by the state board.

Vangie Lamberts in her address offered these thoughts:

Be ready - not apathetic

Seize opportunities to move

Create a climate for change. members we want you to receive your bulletins and the subscription service, therefore it is important that you send your change of address directly to the office! The Voter cannot follow you otherwise for it goes bulk mailing.

A new two year lease has been signed on our office. Committees are welcome to use it for meetings up to 9:30 pm. We hope to continue staffing in order to provide as much voter information as possible. Can you help? Call Dee Lum or Claudia Patil.

Dee Lum

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