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Leaguers on Television
Dee's Notebook (Dee Lum)
Voters Service - New Faces of '72
Political Accountability Ratings - Hawaii's Congressmen?
Units I - Units II Planning Consensus
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Time for Action: Human Resources
Charter Update
Congressional Reform Position
Welfare Strategy
It's up to You
Puzzled by the Plethora of Presidential Possibilities?
Something New on the Sehlves at Safeway
Report from the Committee on Expanding Membership
Legislative Log - April 1972

It's up to You

On April 14th, a letter was sent to the chairmen of each of the School's Advisory Boards suggesting to them that they publicize their meeting date, place and agenda to provide more citizen interest. Watch for these announcements in "It's Up To You of the Star Bulletin, Then - It will be up to you!

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