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Leaguers on Television

"Dear Ladies", writes Mrs. Raymond Tomishima of 6370 Hawaii Kai. Dr., "I have watched your show only once, but found it interesting and informative". Mrs. Tomishina is writing about our new TV Program on Cable 6 broadcast at 5:50 pm on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. She is commenting on a program on "Planning" presented by Diane Haster, chairman of the study committee on the County Planning Process. Diane was joined by Judy Blatchford, our "local personality" from the Hawaii Kai Unit, and by Shauna Johnson from the staff of Cable 6, who so ably coordinates all the programs for us.

Mrs. Tomishima, in her letter, goes on to ask some questions about Our public education system. Fortunately, the program scheduled for April 24th dealt with education, and Frances McLeod, chairman of the Schools Study, was on the answering end.

Have you seen this program? Join your friends and League members in Hawaii Kai in May when the topic is Voters Service:

May 9th - Claudia Patil

May 23rd - Sharon Yokota

Let the Staff at the station know how you feel about the programs. They are a real service for us, and we hope, to the community. Send your comments to: Miss Shauna Johnson, Kaiser - Teleprompter of Hawaii, Inc., Hawaii Kai Shopping Center, Honolulu, 96825

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