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The Housing Committee is open for new members. Please call Vangie Lamberts and volunteer.

This reactivated League study area has challenges the traditional Human Resources concerns with housing, the State study of Land use, our local planning committee as well as continuing (if unauthorized) concern with open space, transportation and population growth.

Call Vangie Lamberts - 732-0772

# # # #

The LWV has been asked by the American Society for Public Administration to participate with them in a dinner meeting with Charter Commission Members.

Mr. William F. Quinn, Chairman of the Style Committee of the Charter Commission will speak on "Findings and Recommendations of the Honolulu City Charter Commission"

Thursday, June 15, 1972

6:30 pm - No host cocktails

7:30 pm - Dinner ($5,00) includes tax and gratuity

Ala Moana Hotel, Cattleya Room

Reservations - Arlie Carson - 546-2874 533-2095

Cash/check payable to ASPA at door.

Come and hear where the charter is at! Husbands, and friends invited.

# # # #

YOU AND ELECTION '72 - a series cosponsored by the LWV and the 1W on Thursday mornings starting September 7th. The fees will be - $5.00/member, $7.00/non-member for the series and $1.25/ member, $1.50/non-member for a session. An attempt will be made to provide baby-sitting at a nominal fee.

# # # #

GOLD BOND STAMPS AND CERTIFICATES! If we can save enough of these items we could possibly get a labeler, electric stapler or maybe a copy machine.

Did you know that there are 109,000 potential voters in the 18-24 year old age range?

Help them vote by urging them to register! Mondays between 12:30 - 2:30 pm I plan to be in the office so steer people my way.

Deputy Registrar Dec Lum

# # #

Membership Memo!

Save August 29th for the Membership Coffee! Start inviting your guests now.

# # # #

VOTE SCOPE VOTE SCOPE VOTE SCOPE - the new name for our Cable-Channel 6 TV

Program! Selected by Mr. Zone Sailer and Miss Shauna Johnson of the Cable-Channel 6 Staff, the winner is Betty Tobiasson. The prize - a red, white and blue t-shirt with "Vote" on the front. Congratulations to Betty, and a Mahalo to those who sent in the 11 entries from which the selection was made

Frances Dohme

# # # #


Thank you to all Leaguers who attended this unit and who contributed their many thoughts and suggestions. Dee Lum has met with Pris Mauerman, Membership Chairman and Sally Vernon, Voter Editor and has shared these membership contributions. Your suggestions were welcomed and will be included in our planning for the coming year.

# # # #


You're right - there is no concise response to the above and since space in this publication precludes my 100,000 word "tips on P.R." I will be brief!

I know we all want to expand LWV membership, include minority segments of our community, attract the young, be effective legislative-wise, provide informative public services, i.e., voter services, ballot assistance ad infinitum but we do have to create a public awareness' of the League.

Your public relations committee (myself and Maury Muench) stand ready and willing to explore the media possibilities available to those that "dig" for it. Each League member should feel free to call on us if you have something you really want to push to the public. Don't hesitate to let us know.

Nancie Perea - 922-5811 business) 536-7167 (home)

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