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Common Cause Raps Some Knuckles

John Gardner writes concerning the new Federal Election Campaign Act - "On April 26, the House Administration Committee, under the leadership of Chairman Wayne Hays, took a truly cynical and shocking step. It ordered the Clerk of the House to increase the costs of duplicating disclosure reports from 10¢ a page to $1.00 a page. The duplicating fees charged by the Secretary of the Senate and the Comptroller General (the other two supervisory officers named in the law) remained at 10¢.

Hays' move was a direct-and effective-move to nullify the Act, as far as the House is concerned, by preventing public access to the information. Neither Common Cause nor any other citizens' organization can pay the exorbitant fee of $1.00 a page. (The Clerk of the House has estimated that as many as one million pages may be filed in the House this year.) Informed of our protests, Mr. Hays' reply was, "If they don't want to pay, let them write it out in longhand."

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