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  1. The present distribution of authority between the City Council and Administration should be maintained.

    1. Public participation is highly desirable; any means that increase public knowledge and participation are advantageous.
    2. Area informational meetings held by the Planning Department should be mandatory.

    3. Community involvement should occur at the earliest possible stages, especially in General Plan formation and revision.

    1. Retain the Planning Commission, seeking membership with a "broad" viewpoint, and maintain the advisory role.
    2. Consider increasing the commissioner's membership, to no more than twelve.

    3. Encourage the appointment of women.

    4. Pay commissioners for their services ($50/ meet.)

  2. The Capital Improvement budget should be formulated by the Planning Department and reviewed by the Planning Commission.

    1. The General Plan should be a flexible statement of long range comprehensive goals without restriction to physical land use planning.
    2. For General Plan amendments hearings should be held on a mandatory basis by the Planning Department to insure early citizen input.

    3. Review of the General Plan should be mandatory at fixed, short intervals and possibly done in conjunction with the CIP review for that year.

    1. Routine zoning changes should be removed from City Council jurisdiction.

      These changes could be dealt with by a zoning administrator, however a citizen would have appeal rights to the Council.

    2. Those specific matters currently handled by the Zoning Board of Appeals should be continued.

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