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National Convention Report

As anticipated the financial aspect was the center of convention discussion for the first few days. The final result was just what the Honolulu members had hoped for-the dues of each local League will be determined by that League and from that amount a (four dollar) fee will be paid to National for service:

This does not eliminate the need for pledges an so we must now relook at our budget and see what our ability to pay toward the pledge to National can be. And we still have our obligation to the State League. So you have net heard the last of our financial situation. In fact this is the beginning! From now until next March 31st each member will be asked :o help in some way. Be assessing your abilities to contribute ideas, hours of work and money as we develop our budget and then seek ways for support from members and the community.

Program is of great importance to the League and time was devoted to this at convention. See your National Voter of March-April for the proposed program. The agenda in Atlanta provided time for Presentation of Proposed Program, General Consideration of Program, Program Debate, more debate and vote, Opportunity for Reconsideration of Adopted Program Subjects and finally Scope (Or Direction on Priorities on Program). Read your next National Voter carefully for the enact words-

In the meantime anticipate changes in:

Representative Government- a progressive drive during the next two years to get grass roots support for self government of D.C. (Hawaii may be first to work!)

Human Resources- the section on equal opportunities now is interpreted to include sex and therefore action can be taken by states or local leagues on equal rights for women.

Land Use- much in evidence, with many local and state Leagues already busy this item will include solid waste and the reuse and recycling of goods.

There is increasing overlap in much of the national program items and at our state and local levels. We must show flexibility in dealing with these overlaps and yet not become overwhelmed by it all. I hope that by having attended the convention I can give some direction to these areas.

Thank you for allowing me to be one of Honolulu's representatives. There were more than 1500 delegates to the convention and it was wonderful to have the state represented by four (in spirit-always) Hawaiians!!!

Dee Lum

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