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President's Report

On may 4th Robin Kenny and Molly Long attended a meeting with representatives of various women's groups. Apparently discussion was fragmented but there was some talk of a conference in October on Women. Robin was going to talk with others who attended to get more specific ideas.

May 9th Jane Hewitt met with various civic leaders and several members of the Charter Review. The CRC wanted the groups to form a citizens committee to support the new charter changes. None of the attending citizens felt that they wished to form a group at this time since the proposed changes are not finalized. The CRC was hoping to hire a PR person to aid them. A possible selection is Kathleen Jones who would coordinate community education. Hopefully more will come out of this after June 15th.

May 18th Alice Scott spoke for the LWV as one of three speakers at a luncheon of the ASPA group who have also been studying the Charter. This talk was well covered in the Advertiser. This group has asked us to participate in an evening with Mr. Quinn, the Charter speaker, on June 15t1 Please consider this - and bring your spouse if you can.

May 31st Pat Shutt spoke to an American Studies class at Kalani High. She talked of how it really is to participate at the precinct-party convention levels.

Judy Howard was the League's coordinator as we joined other non-partisan groups in sponsoring a candidates night June 1st for the 4th district Council seat. Most of the leg work was done by the Citizens of Hawaii. Mahalo to all who helped.

And I hope that many of you were surprised to see the League featured on Channel 9's mini- documentary May 26th! This opportunity was the result of the planning material mailing compiled by Ruth Snyder. The narrative is on file in the office.

Thank you office workers. You have done yeomen labor since September. The AAUW front door will be locked June, July and August. Those LWV members with keys please alert me (949-6716). If we can staff our office we will do so. It might prove a community service.

Dee Lum

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