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The last Voter asked for members to save Gold Bond stamps towards the "purchase" of an electric stapler, labeler or copying machine. Did you think positive during the summer?

We would like to start making equipment "purchases" through the community organization plan Gold Bond arranges for groups like the League.

Bring your full books to unit or general meetings or drop them by the office. Watch for the announcement of the use of special certificates.

A volunteer to coordinate the Gold Bond organizational "purchasing" would also be welcomed. Call the office and leave your name, or call Dee directly.

All bakers can save Betty Crocker coupons for possible use in making additional "purchases". Other suggestions? Any second hand or donated items would be considered.


We remind you of the possible use of some of your unread League material may have for others. So as you clean - don't toss, bring it to the office, we are delighted with the discoveries of "lost knowledge".


The President tries to be in the office on Monday mornings. Come visit, Or call with a word of wisdom or with a complaint.


We have listed our activities with other organizations through their house organs, and have done the same for some organizations by listing in this Voter. If you have suggestions of groups in town who might like to know about our public events drop a note to Nancie Perea or Maury Muench stating the name, address, editor and publication deadline of that group.

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