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Budget Recommendations

Preceding the June board meeting the budget review committee looked at the budget passed at the annual meeting in light of the dues needed to go to National and the ability to pledge to state (and then to National).

The committee's recommendations were to reduce our expenses by $140.00 and add this to the total going to state (and National) for the pledges. (The dues. to National will be paid quarterly and from the already budgeted total and began on June 30).

By giving an additional amount to state, their needs will be aided. But a debt may occur if they cannot raise the difference between the various local League pledges and their budgeted expenses. The committee suggested that we will work under them in whatever "fun for profit" venture they present, that they retain the monies earned up to Q700.00, and that state and local share any monies over this amount.

The committee also asked to have a discussion period period made available for the members to discuss the possible need of raising the local dues at the next annual meeting. This would be preliminary discussion - as a guide for the budget committee which will meet early in 73.

The board accepted the above recommendations. Now we await state's plans and your thoughts.

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