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National Notes

From Lucy Wilson Benson

As you know, the convention has approved the present direction and level of national services and program, and voted that;

  1. Members would support the national League directly from their local Leagues by a mandatory $4 yearly Per Member Payment, and

  2. This support should be in addition to pledges traditionally raised within the community.

The $4 Per Member Payment, was a compromise plan designed to provide a new source of income at the national level without affecting income to state Leagues. The will of national convention cannot be carried out if members decide not to follow the decision made by the delegate body. We are in a transition period that is difficult for all of us.

Local Leagues should go directly to their members to meet their per member obligation. Local and state Leagues should commit them- selves to full funding of adopted budgets on every level. The long existing dialogue on financing the League organization as a whole should be continued. The League's existence and effectiveness depend increasingly on the amount of money available with which to organize and carry out the work of the League at every level. Members need to discuss the changing role of the volunteer and the role and use of paid staff. Maintain a positive attitude. Assume that members do want to help and will contribute. Believe that the community does value the League and is willing and able to fund League community services.

From Welfare ALERT

We are left with Title IV which we have already stated is unacceptable and with HR 1 as the vehicle on which it could ride through Congress. The only tactic left may be to defeat the entire bill.

Environmental Quality:

The League must again stir vocal, public support for a strong bill in order to give the Senate conferees the political leverage needed to get acceptable compromises. The League supported the allocation of at least

$3 billion for the federal waste treatment facility construction grant program.

Urban Environment Conference;

The League endorsed the Conference's position as an effort to promote equal opportunities and to reduce vehicular air pollution by developing alternate transportation systems.

  1. Before any more mileage of urban inter- state highways is built, cities must have the opportunity to plan and adequately finance integrated transportation systems of their own choice.

  2. The highway trust fund should be restructured so that cities and states may use the fund to build whatever form of ground transit they find necessary.

  3. Alternate forms of transportation such as trains, buses, moving sidewalks, bicycles, and street cars must be developed into comprehensive transit systems for our cities.

  4. Transportation systems dependent on public financing should be publicly controlled. Transportation should be considered a public service whose operating costs are subsidized as are the operating costs of all public services.

  5. Transportation planning and construction must weigh all social and environmental costs.

  6. Continuous and widespread community participation must be insured throughout the planning, development and operation of any transit program.

Federal Drinking Water Standards

HR 14899 would require all public water systems to meet federal drinking water standards now applicable only to water used on interstate carriers. The League supports disclosure at regular intervals. The League endorsed a provision in HR 14899 to control underground injection of wastewater. The League has opposed any weakening of NEPA. NEPA is the one way citizens can insure that environmental concerns are weighed in every major Federal action. SAVE NEPA.


Important for Leagues to continue their efforts in regard to other proposed legislation (Student Transportation Moratorium Act -S3388, HR 13916 and Equal Educational Opportunities Act of 1972 - S 3395, HR 13915, see R/H 92-II-5), 16 create a' reason can prevail over emotion.


Good bill (referenced R//H 92-II-5, April 3, '72, p. HR 1, Senator Fong (R-Ha.) is a member of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights and could be alerted to help report the bill intact to the Senate floor for action.


League endorsed consolidation of the housing programs, establishment of a program to combat housing abandonment, and expansion of the experimental housing allowance program.


Finance Committee votes down family assistance reform; agrees to "workfare" and continuation of present AFDC system for families still eligible for any grants. The politics of welfare reform in the context of a presidential election year make prospects for passage of decent bill dim.

Note; Above information from LWV Report from the hill - June 28, 1972 No. 92-11-7

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