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Foreign Trade - A Bone of Contention or a Blessing?

Foreign Trade - A Bone of Contention or a Blessing?

The increasing economic strength of Japan, Korea, the European Community has made the upcoming 93rd Congress aware of updating and reviewing our trade position. Our National League agenda also calls for an evaluation of current trade patterns and their impact on the U.S. and world economy. The date for consensus in May 1, 1973 so our local resource committee will be researching study materials and presenting them in the Aloha Voter for you. Meanwhile if you want to get started, read 'Politics of Trade" (Pub. #431.754) and from National Voters:

"A Call to Action on Trade" - Oct. 1970

"A Call For Trade by LDC's" - July 1969

"From the President" - Jan-Feb. 1969

"Trade Expansion or Protectionism" - Mar. 1968

"High Walls Do Not Good Neighbors Make" Aug. 1968

"E-W Trade - An Interim Report" - July 1966

Anyone interested in pursuing further? Call Melvia Kawashima 395-4856

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