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Facts and Figures in Brief

Did you know that:

The total U.S. contribution to the UN, its Specialized Agencies, and voluntary programs is just under $322 million, a cost of $1.57 per American per year?

The UN was responsible for drafting the two major treaties, now in effect, regulating the ace of outer space? They cover the peaceful uses of outer space and the rescue and return of astronauts.

A UN Global conference .on the environment will be held in Stockholm, Sweden in 1972?

The principles of the UN Declaration of Human Rights have been included in the new constitutions of forty-three countries?

Of nine Human Rights Conventions developed in the United Nations, the US has ratified two; four are awaiting Senate consideration?

Almost 90% of UN expenditures go to economic and social development? UNICEF alone has protected 20% of the world's children from tuberculosis and is helping in 112 countries with child population of over 700 million?

The work of the World Health Organization (WHO) has eradicated smallpox and malaria from over half of the world?

100,000 weather reports per day are issued by the World Meteorological Organization (WM0)?

News of UN Week Activities, UNICEF cards and calendars, speakers on UN -- also UN materials, posters, flags, etc., are available by calling Hawaii UNA Literature and Film Chairman Ph: 841-7281.

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