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Foreign Trade, a Sinking Ship


Leagues will be indicating what U.S. policies will best promote expanded trade and a healthy U.S. economy - Is this possible? Should we be competing with Japan and German made cars? What about that $3 billion deficit President Nixon and Premier Tanaka talked about this summer at the Kuiilima Hotel? What about Multinational Corporations (IBM, NCR, Standard Oil New Jersey, Pan Am). Should their activities be regulated to conform to an international norm?

If you feel totally inadequate to answer these discussion questions, don't wait until March! "Politics of Trade," (650) and "Foreign Policy" ($1.25) publications will be on sale at Unit Meetings. -There are limited quantities so please pass it on after you've finished reading.

TRADE - is a people problem, not just figures on charts and lines and graphs. Talk to businessmen, workers, and consumer groups to find out how trade directly effects the economy of your local area - Hawaii-Kai? Kailua? Ala Moana Shopping Center?

TRADE - is a political problem. As nations become economically more interdependent, trade becomes more important to international diplomacy.

Remember textile Import Quotas? Was this diplomatic? of congress? of President Nixon?

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