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Garbage Bag

Task system (called ukupau) where workers are finished as soon as their route is collected allows Honolulu sanitation workers to get a full day's pay for an average of 3 hours 33 min. of work. Then they go to work the rest of the day for private refuse haulers.

Just "throwing it away" costs money

pay collection workers

pay for equipment

pay for repairs & overtime

pay for incinerators

pay for long haul from neighborhood to incinerator

pay for land fill site

pay for hauling incinerator residue to landfill (about 70 truckloads/day)

pay for cover material for landfill site

pay for administrative costs

and on, and on . . .

Haste generates carelessness and injury. Accident rate for Honolulu sanitation ;workers is more than three times the national average.


Actually that line does make some sense. There are many new national and state league publications dealing with many important aspects of topics we will discuss this year. There are so many that they could not all be included in the Aloha Voter mailings. Please do read as many of these as you can.

More? (75¢) is a national publication subtitled "the interfaces between population, economic growth and the' environment." This gives excellent perspective for our discussions on housing, land use, solid waste and planning. State Planning in Hawaii (25¢) has most immediate bearing on our land use consensus but will also be useful background for almost any other state or local issue we discuss.

Excerpt from the Quiet Revolution In Land Use Control (20¢) deals with the problems of reallocating responsibilities for land use control between state and local government. The basic premise is that local zoning is inadequate to deal with problems of statewide significance. Recycle? (75¢) is a national publication which explains in detail the intertwined economic, political and technological reasons which make recycling difficult...

These materials will all be available for sale in the League office and for sale or loan in the units. Please DO recycle your publications. When you are finished with them, bring them back to units or the office. Give them to an interested friend, church group, student or teacher. Share with each other.

Using baled refuse for fill in part of the edge of the reef runway would have saved $12 million of federal money. - It would have been a place to put Honolulu's next 20 years' worth of refuse.

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