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Thoughts from the President

I know that many of you do not care to have lots of words from National jammed into this local Voter; however, since I personally, and many other leaguers have spent considerable time thinking about, worrying about and laboring over finances I feel that you must be aware of the fiscal concerns for the LWV at all levels. Therefore I urge you to read on ……

From Lucy Benson, national president

Financial Review - The budgets of the LWVUS and the LWVEF are short by $163,1000. Per member Payments ate Short:- S10,000 and state pledges are short $153,0001 (Hawaii has paid 101%).

What the National Board adjusted and cut - Cuts have already reduced the ability, of the national board to carry out the program adopted by the delegates to Convention, fund raising plans, and any major campaign on legislation in the Congress. They will also result in less direct communication with League members and cut down on our ability to answer special letters and requests for information from League leaders and members as well as from members of. Congress, the administration and the public. Adjustments in staff assignments and elimination of actual jobs have been undertaken so as to do the least damage in the long run.

It is even more important that everyone understand the implications for the next fiscal year, 1973-74. Many of the "savings" we were able to make now in order to cut the budget are one-time savings. There has to be a "meeting of reality" between what you want to do and what you are willing to find the money for. 'It is the members of the League who make the critical decisions in this organization, including control of the budget, both income and expenditures. Every level of the League is short of funds. Partly, it's our own fault. Over the years we have stayed on top of political policy and change regarding League program, but we have shied away from internal fiscal policy and change. All League budgets must be adequately funded.' The League at all levels and in all parts of the country is not a game we play in our 'free time'; it is an institution with a history, an organization with a terribly important purpose and its budgets, local, state and national, are not family grocery budgets.

The national board in September recommended to the National Budget Committee that the budget for 1973-74 be held as closely as possible to the level of the budget adopted at the 1972 Convention. If the budget is to stay roughly at the level of this year's adopted budget, state League pledges will need to be roughly the same as requested this year. Your state Leagues need a PMP or an assured base of member support for the same reasons the LWVUS needed and needs it




Unit Autonomy

Newsability of the League

The LWV role in informing citizens



If any of these phrases have caught your curiosity come see the report at the office or from your unit leader. And then let's hear from you!

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