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Right of Privacy

Our first round of units is now pau. We hope that our goal of providing information on the matter of privacy to our members was. met. The recorders' notes indicate that there was much discussion as to where privacy ends and the public's right to know begins. You felt that individuals need to take action when their privacy is unjustly or unnecessarily invaded. Peter Schrag wrote the following in the Saturday Review (April 17, 1971, p. 25), which ex-presses many of your concerns:

"Privacy" is fast becoming a work like "ecology"; it is something everyone favors but is nonetheless regarded as an abstraction that can be eroded in favor of more immediate or "realistic" objectives: crime control, national security, and the necessity to maintain "complete" data. And like ecology, its purposes will never be served as long as it is regarded as the exclusive concern of Congress or the courts. The matter of citizen action is crucial not only in bringing pressure to bear on elected officials but in resisting the casual impositions of bureaucrats, public and private, who demand to know more than they need to, to carry out their functions... Privacy, like clean air and water, can be polluted until none is left. Then we will have Big Brother. The-tape of Mr. Fukuda and Mr. Tsukiyama is available, along with the discussion materials. If you are interested in borrowing them for your own or another group's use, please contact Barbara Nobriga or the Honolulu LWV Office.

Barbara Nobriga

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