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Universal Declaration of Human Rights - 1948 - 1968
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United Nations Wrap-up

U.N. Day Activities received the community effort services of United Nations Association, Doug Pierce, President, Ala Moana Lions, George Ichibawa, League of Women Voters and AAUU, Betty Piper, Lila Grossman and Nancie Perea.

After October 24th, U.N. Day, what else can we do? You can write letters to the editors or submit questions to candidates or congressional representatives. Leagues are not asked to do a new study on the U.N. this year, lather the emphasis should be to plan programs for community and legislative action supporting adequate funding and support for the U.N. system:-The7:most direct way it seems is to support UNICEF Christmas card sales by contacting Marion Wong, 3459 Waialae Ave., Room 4 (Ph: 732-3191), and just spread the good word about U.N.

Melvia Kawashima
U.N. Day Chairman for Honolulu 1972

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