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Charter Wrap Up (or at least a pause)

We Won! At least half our goal - -

On the other side is our reward!

Since the last Voter more League hours were given toward helping the revised Charter pass. A flyer was sent to 75 organizations, handed out when our members were present at the booth in Ala Moana or speaking to groups. We even handed out some at the Union Mall bus stop.

Our main body of information (November Voter) was sent to various media. And we did have a first - - for our local League - - in running a radio ad at driving time! 30 seconds can carry a lot of information.

We learned a lot from this experience. Any of you who would like to read the detailed report are welcome to come to the office and read all about it.

Now we are at the "what's next" spot. What is?

Will there be amendments to the Charter after January '73?

Should the League be watching? If they fall under our previous positions will we be ready to speak for or against?

Which of you wish to be part of this, if it occurs?

And what are the Neighborhood Councils? What form will they take?

Is there a role for the League here? It certainly should fall under the purpose of the League - to inform citizens so they can participate in government.

Now is the time for all to be thinking ahead, for soon we will be reviewing program, action and service at local and state levels.

Where do you want the League to go? Where should our energies le used? Read elsewhere in this Voter to start the wheels turning for a better, member interested, member desired program.

First - do join me in thanking our faithful observer at the Commission hearings - Betty Piper!!! And Jane Hewitt and Alice Scott for their experienced hand in testifying and writing on League positions, and Rhoda Miller and Terza Meller for coordinating our efforts with the Commission's. And all the others who helped during the campaign.

My thanks,

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