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Letters to the Editor


Dear Dee:

Page 6 of the November Voter carried garbage bag item that I find un-League-like in its giving of partial information that implies that garbage collectors are having a magnificent life at our expense, Since the daily news and the mayor both took this line, I decided to fill in the missing information myself. The fact that is never stated is what this "full day pay is".

So the pay for a collector is $2.87 an hour. The maximum is $3.49. For the crew leader who is the driver the starting pay is $3.43 an hour. The maximum is $4.18.

The fringe benefits are the same as other city and county employees and add 38½%. The laborers' pay scale in the construction industries ranges from $5.26_an hour to $5.56 an hour. They do have fringe benefits, but they are probably less than civil service workers. Most people would consider handling garbage did deserve some premium for disagreeableness, if they thought about it. Since the mayor's original attack against the Ukupau I have made it a poiht to watch the garbage men. Frankly I find their speed is the synchronized speed of an athletic team, applied to a much needed service. I fail to see how I, as a taxpayer am hurt if they do not work at the usual island loitering pace. Certainly, the less time those trucks block traffic the easier on the rest of us motorists.

The point I am making is that the garbage bag item was incorrect -- the men were technically-getting 8 hours pay for three hours 33 minutes work, but the pay rate was so low either in comparison to labor in private industry, or the amount necessary to provide for a family of four. They were not getting a full day's pay; but because they work at unusual seeds are doing close to a full day's work.

Yet Leaguers I am sure passed at their housing unit a consensus that everyone deserved decent housing. We take a stand for government to give aid to all who need it, yet all too often we show a resentment of anyone doing physical labor finding someone to make a decent living. It is as though we have to bolster our egos with a modern version of "charity baskets". Too often the middle-class indulges in its own form of "Archie Bunkerism" to the Archie Bunkers. There must be a word for it.

Yours truly,

Mable Keesling

Reply - Yes the committee does have this information also and will be presenting a more balanced view in units and in our forthcoming facts and issues. The garbage bag items we items were not meant to tell the pros and cons on all issues but simply a means, we hope, of sparking member interest in the subject. Thank you for your clear presentation of arguments on the other side of that one.

Judy Blatchford,

Solid Waste Committee Chairman

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