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Letters from the City Charter Commission

For you the members - as addressed to the President from Mr. Ing.

"All the members of the City Charter Commission join me in thanking you and the League of Women Voters for your endorsement and all our support of the revised City Charter.

At our last meeting on Friday, the Commissioners were unanimous in expressing their gratitude and admiration for the very effective work of the League.

Please extend to all your members our deepest thanks for your study and well-documented advice on the issues, for the work of the many volunteers, for the purchase of commercial time on radio, for your meetings, speeches and letters on behalf of the charter.

Our work has been well rewarded by the voters but we know that this success could not have been achieved without your help.

Sincerely yours,

Andrew T. F. Ing, Chairman

# # # #

and from Kay Jones, the Commissions Information specialist - .

"I'm sure that Andrew Ing is writing to you on behalf of the Charter Commission, but I also want to express my personal thanks to you and all members of the League of Women Voters for your wonderful help and support.

I share the opinion of every commissioner that the League's help was the most effective thing we had going for us.

Personally, I found working with the League members the highlight of my five months with the Charter Commission. I feel that I have a whole batch of new friends and that you are all beautiful people.



# # # #

We have copies of the Charter and Statement of Intent in the office for all who wish.

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