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People's Conference on Housing
January Calendar
LWV Honolulu Calendar Update January - July 1973
From the President (Dee Lum)
State Program Planning
Voter Service - Share Your Dreams
Finance - Mahalo!
Community Page
Membership Memos
Susie Orient Returns to the Voter following 2-Year Vacation
Representative Government (Barbara Nobriga)
Overseas Education Fund of the LWV - Annual Report 1971-72
Foreign Trade Page

Membership Memos


Save the League 10 to 20 cents by mailing in, or calling, your change of address.
See your roster, back pages.

You will get your Voter on time that way too.


Mrs. James D. Cook (Karen - Windward evening

Mrs. Milton K. Goto (Carol) - Hawaii Kai

Mrs. Ian T. MacMillan (Susan) - Windward


Vangie Lambert's phone number is wrong in both the roster and last Voter - Should be 734-0772

Mrs. Daniel Clemen 6617 Kii P. Hon. 96825 (395-5386) HK

Mrs. William Ketell - WE 47-329 Mahakea Rd. Kahaluu 96744 (239-9359)

Mrs. Edgar Kiefer 1410 Kalaepohaku St. Hon. 96816

Mrs. Susan Martin now Mrs. Susan Palmore 2350 Halehaka St. Hon. 96821 (734-6394) office - (949-2956 ext 306)

Mrs. John H. Moore 47-757-3 Hui Kelu St, Kahaluu 96744 (239-7958) WM

Mrs. S.S. Patil 1977 Alaeloa St. Hon. 96821 (734-2950)

Mrs. Terry Welden 838 Kaahue, Hon. 96825

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