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From the President

Tuesdays at 2pm our City Council Observer reaches "her" seat in the City Council Chambers. There week after week she watches the City's story unfold. In the past other Leaguers have been part of this excitement, and never have I heard them tell precisely what is that keeps them at their posts. It must include drama, frustration, compassion and hopefully, a sense of participation and accomplishment.

Several weeks ago many of the citizens of Kahaluu spoke before the Council. They were taking advantage of their right to speak. And the enthusiasm in Alice Scott's report carried the message of how well they did - "speaking from the heart". Alice tells how polite the Council Members are to those who speak. They do care!

If you want to be a regular observer for the League at this, or other meetings, please let us know. We will train you in the value of the job in conjunction with League program, and how you communicate your knowledge to those program and action chairmen who can use your observations.

If you just want to attend - feel free, it's your government!


This month VOTESCOPE is one year old!

VOTE SCOPE is the bi-monthly program the League presents on Kaiser-Teleprompter, Cable 6, for the viewers in Hawaii Kai.

During this time the League has presented 22 programs telling "Who We Are, and What We do".

These programs have presented our new studies, new or continuing work on our old studies, what action we have taken after consensus has been reached on these studies, the work of our Observers, and the help given to the public by our Voter Service Committee.

Because of a special election in the 4th Councilman District, which includes Hawaii Kai, and the General Election in a Presidential Year, many programs, in which members of the Voters Service Committee participated were presented. We scored a first when we demonstrated Hawaii's new Voting Device; we were the first to do so on any TV program.

Some twenty Leaguers appeared on these programs. Representing the local unit was Judy Blatchford. Shauna Johnson Uperesa of the Cable 6 staff acted as moderator. The following are those who have participated: Dee Lum, Judy Howard, Diane Haster, Nan Lowe, Judy Blatchford, Ruth Snyder, Fran McLeod, Claudia Patil, Sharon Yokote, Jan Hewitt, Bea Bennett, Betty Piper, Grace Bowers, Lucile Rogers, Melvia Kawashima, Vangie Lamberts, Dorothy Bremner, Carol Whitesell, Frances Dohme.

The preceding is a note of celebration written by our TV coordinator Frances Dohme. Join me in thanking her for doing such a fine job for the League!

Thanks too, to all who have appeared. Members, do share thoughts on our program.

Dee Lum

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