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National LWV - Report from the Hill

LEAGUE WILL WORK FOR EXTENSION OF SPECIAL EDUCATION RPOGRAMS FOR POOR CHILDREN: The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)- PL 91-230 - which will expire June 20, 1973, authorizes expenditure of federal funds for special education programs in school districts having large concentrations of poor children. These TITLE I programs lie at the heart of the League position in support of equal opportunity in education, and for that reason will receive TOP PRIORITY among Human Resources action programs during 1973.

INDIANS: LEAGUE PLANS TO SUPPORT LEGISLATION TO RESTORE FEDERAL SERVICES AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TRUST STATUS TO MENOMINEE TRIBE: Senators William Proxmire and Gaylord Nelson plan to re-introduce legislation to repeal the 1954 Act under which federal services and the official tribal status of the Wisconsin Menominee tribe were terminated in 1961.

The LWVUS has selected this particular legislation for action in 1973 because most Indian tribes and organizations agree that it symbolizes the kind of federal policy changes that would be constructive for most Indians.

Support for a new bil1 from the League as a non-Indian group can make a difference.

OUTLOOK FOR SOUND HOUSING LEGISLATION IN 93RD CONGRESS IS DIM: The same kinds of controversy and problems that dogged housing legislation in 1972 will continue in 1973.

BUSING: Threats loom again in the 93rd Congress including increased support of an anti-busing constitutional amendment, reintroduction of special legislation similar to the so-called "Equal Educational Opportunities Act of 1972", and amendments to both authorization and appropriations bills. An alert League constituency will still be important in 1973.

LWVUS JOINS LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE IN PROPOSING CHANGES TO REVENUE SHARING REGULATIONS TO STRENGTHEN PROTECTION OF CIVIL RIGHTS: The League urged that the Revenue Sharing Act include strict requirements that state and local governments protect civil rights in administering programs funded by these new federal monies.

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