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State Consensus

Please be alert to the next mailing from State. And keep their material for your reference on consensus statements. Many you will be called to participate in action and this will be handy background

# # # # #

"Waste Watchers" ... Was Not A Waste ...

Thanks to Judy Blatchford and her crew from Honolulu, Edie Idler from State and the splendid cooperation of many City/County and State personnel and businesses, the many citizens passing by were made aware of many new ideas and possible solutions to the mounting problems of solid waste and its cousins in the pollution field.

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Contest Time!!!

Don't stop baking or shopping but do take time to take your Betty Crocker coupons and your completed books of Gold Bond stamps, the gift cards to your unit meetings this month. Or, bring them to the office - we have a box waiting.

We will tabulate the coupons, books and cards received and credit to the units all that are marked. The rest will go into the "pot".

Your next Voter will tell you the score and who the winning unit for this period is.

Tell your friends and neighbors for we need lots of help to obtain the stapler, labeler and new reproducing equipment.

Fani Mar Gold Bond
Joy Curry - Betty Crocker

# # # # #

Legislative Interviews

A hearty thank you to Laura Goo who has coordinated the legislative interviews. Many of our members have had the marvelous experience of meeting their legislators, conversing quietly about League interested subjects and reporting back to the State League.

Chat about these experiences at you units, more of you might like to volunteer next time we are asked to do this for our State League.

# # # # #


Included in this Voter is a flyer on PASSING THE BUCKS$

This joint venture is aimed at the community at large, and that includes you. Ye hope that you as League members will want to attend as citizens, and we trust that some of you will offer to help on that day, or be willing to help if called.

Our coordinators for this are Adeline Shutz and Gretel McLane. Call them with any questions, and with your offer to help:

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