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President's Notes

This Voter offers you a peek at next year. It contains the names of the nominees for leadership, suggestions from the Board for program based on the members' discussions at units, and the budget.

Any of you who compare the budget to last year's will note some change in the format, some change in the figures. But, basically it remains the "bare bones".

The budget committee has found it necessary to keep to this minimum because the income side does not allow much room for dreaming.

We feel that we must help all of the members understand the three main areas of income.

Elsewhere Ruth Snyder has shown the breakdown of your present dues of $10.00.

We have been reminding our members at-the time of their statement that one aspect of support is contributions from the members themselves. Some of you have joined recently and may not realize how important this money is to the total income picture. Ile urge that you do some reflection in this area, particularly if you are unable to participate more actively at this time. Perhaps viewing it in terms of allowing those members who are taking more time and responsibility to do their thing with the maximum support from those who cannot physically aid them. In other-words if we all could spend less time worrying about money we'd have more time to do the "League thing".

And of course there is the area of non-member contributions. That is the corporate donation that of the businesses in the community and, increasingly, donations for a service rendered. We'd like to expand that area - bodies willing. But we will always want to reach the community with our word and the hope that they will help our work in the community continue. League help is needed here, too.

Please call me if you would like to explore ways of helping the financial picture.

Every one of you helps by just being a member, but there is room for more.


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