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Update - from "VISITS", U.N. Publication

Foreign Aid. As the President being in his fifth year, efforts to revamp the entire program are still floundering. The Peterson Report in 1969 called for a fresh start, yet in the last four years Congress killed two aid bills, dropped funding one year, and allocated a record-low appropriation the fourth year. Some legislators want to untie economic aid from military assistance, as well as altering the bilateral nature of aid. (This is also LWVUS position.) Others oppose multilateral assistance, as such aid isn't easily controlled, and because economic aid hasn't brought support for U.S. policies.

This year a two-year "Authorization" for aid expires June 30 - giving both houses an opportunity to review the program. Meanwhile, with fiscal 1973 half over, a regular aid "appropriation" bill has not passed Congress . A continuing resolution providing emergency funding for UN's agencies, Bangladesh relief and military aid expires Feb. 28th.

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