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Voters Service

December is traditionally the month when money flows out of the pockets, but 1972 saw December bring in the tidy sum of $275 into the League coffers.

News of our willingness to establish and execute balloting procedures and/or verify election results must be getting around.

The Hawaii Nurses Association called on us to verify vote counting for an election that they had held to ratify a new contract for nurses. Marian Wilkins, Edna Shoup, Cathy Gilligan and Maya Fowler donated a couple of hours one morning to this project and earned $25 for the League.

Terza Meller assumed the enormous job of setting up and carrying out a mail-in ballot for the United Public Workers union of over 9,000 members. She and her committee worded the ballot item, verified voters and mailing lists, checked hundreds of envelopes by hand. Rhoda Miller, Helen Frederick, Mabel Keesling and Diane Hastert helped with this phase of the work. Terza herself spent over 100 hours verifying and checking ballot envelopes as they were returned, as well as transporting thousands of ballots from the post office box in Waikiki. On December 11 Grace Bowers, Irva Brubacher, Laura Goo, Ruth Snyder, Agnes Gaughn, Rhoda Miller, Helen Frederick, Maury Muench, Beryl Wade and new member Norma Titcomb opened, sorted and counted ballots for many hours. The union responded generously with a check for $250.

The entire League, and especially the Voter Service Committee thank all those who worked so hard to bring these projects off. In extra special "thank-you" goes to Terza Meller for her hard work and donation in the U.P.W. project.

Claudia Patil
Voter Service Chairman

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