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International Relations Wrap-Up


This session ended with a mixed sense of accomplishment and failure. On the current state of world peace, the Assembly was most helpful when it did nothing, as in the case of Korea's unification moves.

China, in her first complete session feuded on with the Soviet Union and used her veto in the Security Council for Bangladesh's application for UN membership,

Significant actions were to establish a UN University around the world to chiefly study "urgent questions facing humanity as a whole: human rights, development and implications of global science and technology." Also, 1975 was designated as International Women's Year promoting equality between men and women throughout the world.


Representative Matsunage has joined 44 other members of the House in introducing legislation authorizing a comprehensive program of technical assistance, research and development, job training, relocation assistance, health insurance, speeded-up retirement and pension and social security benefits for workers, industries and communities which have suffered from foreign competition. This would be administered by the Sec. of Labor within his Department.

This bill adds more dimension to the expired TEA (Trade Expansion Act).

*Just because our foreign trade study is over, this committee has not died! Any interested Leaguer for International Affairs? Call Melvia Kawashima, Chairman 395-4856

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