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May We Introduce You to:

The proposed slate of officers who will stand for election at our annual meeting.

DIANE HASTERT - After receiving her degree in Political Science, Diane put her knowledge and concern to test teaching history to culturally deprived children on the Mainland, but working with volunteer community activities has geared Diane's energies since moving to Hawaii in 1968. A multi organizational member, Diane joined the League as unit membership chairman in 1969 and later worked with the State School [..] committee taking an active part in the 1970 "Its a No No" campaign to defeat measures against an elected school board. For the past two years, Diane has served on the Honolulu Board as chairman of the local Planning Study.

As president of the Honolulu League, her goals are to develop within the community a "professional" attitude toward the League's volunteer work and continue to maintain the League's flawless reputation.

GRETAL MCLANE - Hilo-born Gretal brings her Kamaaina status to the League and is no stranger to Island politics.

Gretal has resided in Honolulu for the past seven years and has participated in League activities for three years as a member of the Honolulu Morning Unit.

She functioned as a past member and chairman of the State Pollution Study committee.

LAURA GOO - Laura will be returning to the. Honolulu Board as Secretary having held that position for the past 2 years. Laura was Public Relations Chairman for the League previously.

With her ubiquitous "task force" readiness she has served in many ad hoc capacities for the League as well.

Laura has been a Hawaii Kai unit member for 4½ years and a Hawaii Kai resident for 7 where she energetically pursues her gusto for tennis, lives the life of a "dilettante" poking into things that interest her, i.e., collecting ceramics, cookbooks, art books… ad infinitum.

EDNA SHOUP A true academician, Edna has just received her Master's Degree from the University of Hawaii and is currently working as a Special Educator doing individual tutoring as a part-time occupation.

Edna's expertise in League spotlights on her delicate ability to extract money from people or her ingenious money-making schemes for League as past Finance Chairman.

A Hawaiiana buff, Edna enjoys playing Uke and singing Hawaiian songs, hiking and hunting for Hawaiian artifacts.

MELVIA KAWASHIMA - Having been motivated by Betty Freidan's philosophies a "Feminine Mystique" several years ago, Melvia set out to nourish her B.A. in History to some purposeful end --- result, League Membership.

Melvia returned from Washington D.C. last year where she had experience working in the U.S. Senate and plunged back into League work.

She has held an interim position as Chairman of the International Relations committee this past year and is a member of the Hawaii Kai Unit.

JANE BALL - Jane has been an organizational wizard in her League activities and attributes her main work thrust to "housekeeping chores" for League.

Jane has been chairman of the Windward Morning Unit this past year, and has assisted in the publication of the Aloha Voter.

She is currently meeting the housing crises head on playing construction worker and expeditor for her family's week-end construction company.

ADELINE SCHUTZ - The League has benefited much from Adeline's watchdog-like observing at the City Council Planning and Zoning Committee in past years and was a natural lead-in to her membership in the Planning Committee.

Adeline's association with the Wildlife Research Unit at the University of Missouri where she worked, provided her with an acute awareness of conservation and ecology which she has found expression for in League activities.

Adeline's concerns for League are to help keep Hawaii a good place to live for in-migrants and the original Hawaiians as well.

MOLLY LONG - We won't be so gauche as to call Molly a "crusader" but her past experience in working on the Nader Congressional Survey last year is indicative of her willingness to get at the truth - and more importantly - make it known.

Introspective and sensitive, Molly is anxious to broaden her League knowledge as she comes to the Honolulu Board for the first time.

She has been a League member since 1971 and is a member of the Honolulu Morning Unit.

Nancy Perea

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