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Membership Memos

At the annual meeting this month, the Honolulu League will be electing members to the Board of Directors. For many new members, contact with board members may have been minimal and they may have only a hazy idea of its functions. In addition to the usual set of officers used by most organizations to meet general needs, League uses directors. to meet specific league goals. These directors are a combination of elected and appointed members. Each year's board may have a slightly different composition of assignments depending on the program needs for that year.

As a new member you have been guided through League by the actions of many board members. There is an overall membership chairman who coordinates the activities of each unit membership chairman and the unit itself comes under the direction of a Units Coordinator. The editor of the Aloha Voter, the Publications chairman, the Public Relations director and the Finance chairman all contribute to the smooth internal functioning and the public view of the League

Each program committee has a chairman and this person sits on the board. This past year these have included Planning, Schools, Environment, Housing, International Relations, Representative Government, and Voter Service. When the calendar year is completed each of these committees will have presented at least one unit or general meeting for the members.

The key to League success lies with how well the local League board communicates with its members and the degree to which it encourages participation in League affairs. By being-aware of specific board responsibilities, you will be better able to communicate your views for continuing League growth.

Susie Orient

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