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President Thots!

Annual meeting:

On April 26th every member is urged to attend our annual meeting.

That is the time that each and everyone has the chance to be in on the overall decision making that has been the responsibility of the board since our last get-together.

In the last Voter, you received the information that will be the basis for discussion on budget, bylaws changes and program. Your vote will be needed for the election of officers for the coming year.

On the "legal" side the annual meeting gives us all a chance to view the League program as a total package. The discussion often helps clarify for the newer members where the subjects they have discussed fit into the whole picture.

On the "leisure" side the meeting allows us a chance to see members and renew or [..]n acquaintance with others.

[We] look forward to seeing you!

[..]A- Jr. League Leadership Series:

The board will be sending some members to this training. Perhaps others of you would find this series valuable.

Dee Lum

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