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Public Relations - Annual Report (Nancie Perea)
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Foreign Policy Association's "Great Decisions" ... wrap-up for 1973 (Barbara Wiebenga)

May Calendar

3 - New Members' Coffee

8, 9, 10 - Units Schools

22 - Board Meeting - Voter Deadline

25, 26 - State Convention

Tuesday, May 8

HONOLULU MORNING 9:00 a.m. coffee, 9:30 meeting at the home of Dorothy Turnbull, 1508-B Pualele P1. To get there, turn on first street to left off Sierra Drive; pass one house, then turn left into lane; or call Dorothy, 734-8371.

HONOLULU EVENING- NOTE MEETING PLACE! 7:30 p.m. meeting at the home of Betty Buck, 2508 Olopua St. (go past Waioli Tearoom on Oahu Ave. in Manoa Valley and turn right the first block past the tearoom.) ph. 988-4497.

Wednesday, May 9

HAWAII KAI 9:00 a.m. coffee, 9:30 meeting at the home of Jean Ko, 360 Portlock Rd. Ph. 395-1894. Babysitting available at the home of Sandy Krewson, 6621 Kauna St. (395-5169), $ 1.00 per child.

WINDWARD EVENING 7:30 p.m. meeting at the home of Edna Shoup, 47-375 Lulani St. Kahaluu ph. 239-9894.

Thursday, May 10

WINDWARD MORNING 9:15 coffee, 9:30 meeting at St. Christopher's Church, 93 N. Kainau Dr., Kailua. Babysitting available at church. Information - call J. Ball. 261-2576.


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