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Public Relations - Annual Report (Nancie Perea)
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Foreign Policy Association's "Great Decisions" ... wrap-up for 1973 (Barbara Wiebenga)

Publications - Annual Report

Each member of the LWV of Honolulu receives the Aloha Voter, Leo Hana, and the National Voter. Resource material pertinent to the study of League items are sent with the Aloha Voter. This is your subscription service "at work."

This year we ordered several publications from State and National for sale at units, general meetings, etc. The League sent "Anatomy. of a Hearing" to community organizations and with the help of ACLU the "Rights of Privacy" went to the high schools on Oahu. Publications are also sent to newspapers, TV, radio and the legislature.

League Action Service can be subscribed to by individual members. Send your address and check for $7.50 to LWVUS, 1730 A St, NW. Washington, D.C., 20036.

In the League office there are many publications for your use. Some are for sale, others you can borrow.

I wish to thank the unit chairmen and the Board members for their help and cooperation with publication sales at units.

Myrne Blomquist

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