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Planning Study Committee - Annual Report

Following the publication via the Voter of three part Facts and Issues on planning matters related to the Charter revision, two rounds of information/consensus units were held. Those were well attended, and helped us arrive at a number of positions that could be used to influence the Charter Commission.

We immediately sent the results of our work to the Charter Commission, then holding regular meetings, and further communicated with them about more specific issues. The primary thrust of our lobbying efforts was increased citizen involvement in the early formation stages of the general planning process.

We also did a reprint of the Facts and Issues which was sent to about 150 organizations and individuals in the community. We also testified at the public hearings held by the Charter Commission during the summer.

In the fall we actively aided the p.r. people from the Charter Commission in a program of citizen education that included speaking at schools, radio talk shows, etc.

Since November the committee has been working on the preparation of a citizens' planning handbook which will serve to educate people on the new planning process as passed with the Charter.

The slide production designed to do the same thing as the booklet from a more visual approach has been proceeded with, and was previewed by the LWV at the first round of units in April.

We have been faithfully attending General Plan Revision Program workshops held by the city and Citizens Advisory Committee on the Capital District, as well as our usual observing of commission and committees within the county.

Diane Hastert

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